Kidz Rule Day 4: Step away from the computer!

All this week the kids are taking over the Netmums Blog. We’ve given your little darlings free reign to tell us about how embarrassing their Mums really are and how we’re going about parenting all wrong.

Today Kate’s son from  Wit Wit Woo gets to divulge what having a blog addicted mother is like…however we would like to state for the record that we’ve actually seen Kate’s mothering skills in action and think she’s pretty wonderful!


My mum spends all her time on the computer.   I spend all my time thinking about ways to get her off it.  Sometimes I think about what it would like to be a blogger and other times I think about whether I should stop her being a blogger.  I believe that she’ll eventually turn her computer off but that’s like a million years away.

My mum is quite a talented blogger.  Maybe that’s why I don’t want her to stop blogging because it makes her happy, but perhaps I should because she doesn’t always pay attention to what I say.   If I stopped her blogging though, she’d become a crazy cat lady and someone who never stopped crying.

Me:      Mum, you can start all over again you know.

Mum:  Oh God, I deleted my website!

Me:      It’s OK, I’ve got it on a flash drive.

We’d then have a great big hug.

If I had a penny for every time Mum went on her computer to blog, I’d be a millionaire, which I’d used to build a Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough house and some Milkybars for Mum.

My mum is really stressed all the time and I guess that’s why she’s on the computer, to let all that stress out.  When she’s stressed I cuddle her, but she’d probably say, “Are you cuddling me to distract me to get me off the computer?”  And I’d say no, but I would be really.

I guess I’ll understand when I’m older but I do know that it’s beneficial for her so she can make friends because she’d be pretty bored if she was just talking to me all the time.


Do you find yourself spending too much time on the computer? Are you constantly checking your phone for update? Whilst as parents we monitor our children’s screen time – who monitors ours?

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2 Responses to Kidz Rule Day 4: Step away from the computer!

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  2. That’s a lovely post D. But then your mum’s a lovely woman and you’re a lovely boy so I would expect no less! I think you’d make a great blogger and we would definitely read you X

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