Christmas Craft Week – Pretty ring bowls

Thanks once again to Netmums for inviting me to post about my handmade Christmas this week. It’s wonderful to be able to contribute to the ever-growing craft resources the site provides to parents and child-carers just like me.

handmade clay ring bowl

This winter I wanted to make something pretty but very simple, that I could give to my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas. To make these little ring bowls, you will need:

air drying clay

rolling pin

doily of piece of lace

acrylic paint

Mod Podge (or clear varnish)

air drying clay ring bowl

Firstly, soften your clay: air-drying clay has an odd texture and it needs working a lot to really soften it.

Once softened, roll out your clay to a depth of about 5mm.

Using a bowl as a guide, cut rounds from the clay. Using damp fingers, rub the edges of the circle to smooth rough edges.

Lay your doily across your round, then roll over it firmly: this gives the texture.

Press into a shallow bowl and leave to dry overnight.

Once dry, remove ring bowl from the bowl it has been drying in.

Paint across the textured portion of the bowl carefully. I used a dry brush, dipped it into the paint and then dabbed again on a dry cloth to remove excess, then brushed from the solid edge of the doily (across the middle of the bowl) to the edge of the bowl. Keep going with the brushing: you think there’s no colour but there is, and this way you get a lovely petering out effect, so that the colour is strongest across the middle and fades towards the edge.

Leave again to be sure that the bowl is dry. Cover in several layers of ModPodge or varnish. For the first layer, coat the non-coloured side of the bowl before painting across the colour, which prevents any colour transfer and avoids spoiling the effect.

You can see I made several colours: pink for me, gold for Mum and blue to match my Mother-in-Law’s bedroom. I hope they will be as delighted as me.

colourful ring bowl dish handmade Christmas

And if you don’t think you’ve got the skills to make this pretty bowl, you could always buy some spray paint and upcycle one. Take a look at my Spray Painted Bowl tutorial for full instructions.


Kelly is the face behind the vintage silhouette at Domestic Goddesque. She eats too much cookie dough to have a waist that small. She is a Thirty-something Mother, Blogger and Girl Friday, who married her beloved DH and endures daily battles-of-will with the dog she refers to as the Wonder Hound. She likes to avoid housework as much as possible, preferring to bake, craft and drink cocktails. Sorry, did I say cocktails? I mean coffee. And nap. She likes to nap too. When not blogging, you can find her haunting Facebook for interesting snippets of gossip, or throwing her wit around the twittersphere. (She may have made that last bit up too: she’s not that funny.)

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5 Responses to Christmas Craft Week – Pretty ring bowls

  1. These really are beautiful, I would love to receive one!

  2. Simple gorgeous. Love you you coloured them too!

  3. Liz Burton says:

    Really stunning. Very clever Kelly x

  4. Chris Mosler says:

    How gorgeous and so simple! I love them!

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    Love this! I think my mum would adore it, she always loved me making her bowls when I was a teenager. Have pinned and stumbled.

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