Christmas Craft Week – The Round Up

Today we are lucky enough to welcome back Maggie from Red Ted Art to bring together a packed round up from our brilliant Christmas Craft Week. Huge well done and thanks to our crafty superstars!

So now we have had a wonderful week of home made gift goodness from our lovely Netmums Blogging Network, we would like to share with you this round up of Christmas gifts ideas – summaries the week just gone by, and bringing you some more ideas in addition! The mix is eclectic – some sweet, some naught, some for children, some or teachers.. hopefully a little home made inspiration for everyone! Enjoy!!!

Christmas Card Ideas

Let’s start with a good old traditional home made Christmas card (or five)! The Ana Mum Diary shares 5 WONDERFUL Christmas card craft ideas for you. I particularly like the button bauble idea. So cute. Well worth a hope over. Maybe make just the one special card or get carried away and make 100s!

Reindeer Hot Chocolate

Totally adorable and SUPER DUPER easy – Reindeer Hot Chocolate.. these were made for the Christmas School Fair (clever PTA!)- a sure money fund raiser, but also a great stocking filler at Christmas, or a lovely way to adorn a gift?

Gifts from the Larder

I do love this package of “Gifts from the Larder” idea from Thinly Spread. Read the full article and find links to yummy recipes, as well as your very own DIY Christmas Crackers. A winner for sure!

Edible Goodies for Teachers

More wonderful home made gift ideas – a great idea for teachers, or a lovely relative (we dolike o be nice to our neighbours too. Domestic Goddesque shares this wonderful chocolatey treat with us. I want to go and make some now!

Homemade Advent Calendar

Now I know there isn’t much time let, but how about making this adorable Advent Calendar? It issuper simple to make and would be great fun to “root through” each day. Check out Me and My Shadow’s crafty idea.

Homemade Dolls House

Here is a labour of love.. and hopefully a craft and activity that childhood memories are made of. I made this over a year ago for my little girl – a cardboard dolls house and we have been adding bits and pieces to it all year. Some bought items and lots of home made things. Even decorating it for Christmas. I dare you. Make one for your child (and if you only have boys, why not make the same, but as a fire station?!). Definitely a magical homemade Christmas gift.

Tweed Door Stop

I do love a bit of clever upcycling. And earlier this week Liz from Me and My Shadow showed us to make this wonderful Tweed Doorstop. Would make a great present for him or her!

Spiced Vodka

Now I have had home made flavoured Vodka before and it is delicious. So when Amanda from Ana and Mum shared this delicious treat with us earlier in the week, I knew this would be a great give for hubby. How delicious and great to have something just for the grown ups!

Cookies & Ornaments

More Sweet Treats with these delicious Viennese Cookies, package them up and decorate with an homemade ornaments and off you go. A very personal gift, made with love and effort that is well simply nice! Would make a great teacher’s gift too!

Crayon Jar

Another wonderful gift you can make for the kids (or the children can make for their siblings/ good friends) are these crayon shapes. A great way to upcycle old crayons and make something fun. I have been meaning to make some or a while and the lovely Lulastic has shared with us how to do it!

Doily Plates

Bring back the good old doily.. but in a very special way. Read how the Domestic Goddesque made these wonderful Doily patterned plates. I love the coloured finish. These are wonderful. I know my mother in law would love one these for Christmas.

18 Craft Ideas for Jars

And these 18 (yes 18!!!) craft ideas for jars are simply brilliant. Don’t know where lulastic gets them all from, but you are sure to be inspired (personally, I love the homemade paint, but I am biased)

Painted Plant Pots

I do love this bit of happy cheer that springs from Thinly Spread’s corner. Christmas is always such a sparkly happy affair and then shortly after the decorations come and down and we are face with the bleak winter months of January and February. This is when this gift is wonderful – cheerful, home made and bringing the joy of Spring early into our homes.

Well, there you have it.. a wonderful selection of home made Christmas gifts for partners, families, teachers and children a like. Which do you fancy? Have you got an all time favourite gift you like making or your family and friends? And whilst I have your attention, do come and check out our Top 10 Christmas movies. Why not put one whilst you get crafty!

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3 Responses to Christmas Craft Week – The Round Up

  1. lulastic says:

    WONDERFUL! What a cool collection of ideas, thank you for pulling it all together.
    I’m not sure about your suggestion for adding a gendered element to your dolls house though?! Ramona’s male cousins LOVE her dolls house as much as she loves emergency vehicles. (Sorry to even point it out but i feel it’s really important to challenge things that limit our children’s play)


  2. Fabulous round up, thanks so much for putting it together, last week was a marvellous thing and I am overflowing with ideas! I LOVE that reindeer hot chocolate gift idea!

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