Blog of the Week: Top Ten Great Things About Being a Mum

Blog of the Week

It’s Blog of the Week time on Netmums and with Mother’s Day fast approaching we thought we’d share this funny but oh-so-true post by ‘Just because I love’  which celebrates Top Ten great things about being a mum!

What would you add to the list?


With Mother’s Day around the corner, I did consider a round-up of presents but when I mus 1st slidecan say ‘breakfast in bed, florist, Whistles and Sweaty Betty’, what’s the point?.

I wanted to keep on topic, so instead thought about what the best things about being a mum are. These are things that mean a lot, cost nothing but after nine months of morning sickness, stretch marks, the pain of labour, months of sleepless nights, trips to the wretched health visitor for weigh-ins (baby not you), weaning, potty training, cleaning up a lot of sick, pooh and snot and OFSTED report reading, they have been well and truly earnt.

These might not be quite what you thinking of but here we go:

The best things about being a mum

  • You get to say ‘just because I said so’.
  • You get chocolate covered kisses and cuddles on tap (that are leading nowhere).
  • You have a valid reason for walking around Sainsbury’s with a wipe stuck to your bum, sick on your shoulder or snot on your sleeve – it was the children rather than the walk of shame on Sunday morning.
  • If you are all in the car by 8.30, fully clothed and awake that’s five points, if you have remembered to do teeth and book bags are in said vehicle, that is an extra-large latte on the way home.
  • You can pretend to be ‘the nanny’ when a really bad tantrum kicks off in Waitrose – I have done this.
  • You can use the parent and baby spaces in the car park – even when they aren’t with you, can’t you?
  • You get someone small and cute telling you that you are beautiful even when you know you look old and knackered and just want to go to bed.
  • You appreciate everything your mum did for you.
  • You can have fish fingers, chips and beans for tea as well as a grown up dinner.
  • You can give yourself a bonus for being a nurse, PA, cook, cleaner, event organiser, Police woman in the playground, ironing lady, teacher, nursery nurse, chauffeur, personal shopper, personal trainer, potty trainer, football referee, holiday rep, super nanny and librarian as well as a mum.

Of course in all seriousness, the best part about being a mum is the unconditional love and that it doesn’t matter how you look or what you are wearing, you are still Mummy and they adore you.

me and the boys blog 1

Have I missed any?

Nat x


dad 1st slideWe’ve got tons of ideas over on Netmums of ways you can spoil your own mum as well as a great gallery of top tips for dads to give mums a lie in and a day of rest that you might want to share with your partner! Find more ideas, recipes, pictures to colour and more in our Mother’s Day Sorted section.

We’ve also been blown away by the beautiful photos that are being submitted by Netmums members showing what Mother’s Love means to them. Have a look – they are just lovely. (Oh – and do add your own photo too)

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  1. Yes, we love having fish fingers, chips and beans for tea as well as grown up supper later on!

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