Keeping your kids hydrated in this hot weather

sunToday’s guest blog is from Dr Emma Derbyshire fromThe Natural Hydration Council, with some top tips on keeping your children hydrated in the summer heat. With today expected to be the hottest day of the year so far (with temperatures tipping 32 degrees) and the heatwave continuing, it’s a very timely piece. Read on to find some ideas to keep your children safe and hydrated in the sun, especially if you are traveling.


Holiday Travel HydrationNatural Hydration

Well, it’s holiday season and whether you’re off to somewhere in the UK, or travelling further afield, it’s important to think about hydration.  Below, is my advice and top tips to help you and your family reach your destinations feeling refreshed and ready to start the holiday fun!

Car journeys:

If your holiday involves a long car journey, stock up with some bottled water – especially if it’s a hot day.  Keeping drinks in a cool bag with ice packs will help to keep them cold and refreshing.   Don’t forget about any pets that you are taking – they will also need water regularly.


Airport restrictions and in-flight air conditioning can increase the risk of dehydration. The low humidity on-board means that water evaporates from the skin at a quicker rate than normal – this is especially true for children.

Sipping water before and during the flight, and avoiding alcohol will help to prevent signs of dehydration, such as dry skin, tiredness and headaches.

Note that the low humidity and dehydration, combined with long periods of cramped sitting, may increase the risk of developing blood clots in the legs.  Those most at risk are people aged over 60 years, those with a history of blood clots and women taking oral contraceptives, particularly if travelling on flights lasting more than 12 hours [2].

My top tips:

  • Always make sure that children have access to a regular supply of water, as they dehydrate faster.
  • On particularly hot days, always make sure you have access to enough water.
  • For car journeys, keep different sizes of water bottles e.g. smaller bottles for children and larger bottles for parents, in a cool bag with ice packs.
  • If not using a cool bag, keep bottled water in a cool, dry place to help maintain its quality.
  • For short and long-haul flights make sure you drink enough water before flying.
  • Once on the aeroplane, opt for water rather than alcohol, which may exacerbate water losses.
  • If you are intending on drinking alcohol, quench your thirst with water first.  Also, aim to consume water or a soft drink between alcoholic drinks.

Further tips about holiday hydration have been published by the Natural Hydration Council and can be found at:

by Dr Emma Derbyshire, PhD, RNut, Independent Advisor to the Natural Hydration Council.


[2] Schobersberger W et al. (2009) Travel-related thromboembolism: mechanisms and avoidance. Expert Reviews of Cardiovascular Therapy 7(12),1559-67.

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Find more top tips on keeping your children safe in the sun and keeping them hydrated during this hot weather over on Netmums.

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One Response to Keeping your kids hydrated in this hot weather

  1. zanuda says:

    Just heard from one of the mums in our tennis group that at her school kids allowed to have a drink only at the brake times and they don’t have water fountains and don’t provide water bottles. So if you forgot a bottle or finished one too early you will suffer… Totally ridiculous! Is there any law against such a policies?

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